Seven Ways To Make Running Not Suck

| December 3, 2018


Let’s face it – running sucks. Those pictures of runners that we see in advertisements showing a smiling, energetic runner in no way represent the agonizing, sweat-covered dread that so many of us put ourselves through in order to stay healthy. Given the vast amount of benefits associated with running, why can’t it be more enjoyable?

What if you were told that running does not have to induce misery and can in fact be quite pleasant no matter your fitness level? You’ve read through the training books and learned how to adjust your nutrition, but what about the other issues that can affect your run? By accounting for several key factors involved with your runs such as weather and equipment, you can minimize the opportunity for these same factors to have a negative impact on your run. This can in turn improve your running experience as well as your motivation to keep running.

Seven Ways outlines how to account for those ancillary factors that can directly influence the quality of your runs. Based on his own experience as well as the information gained from dozens of conversations with both new and experienced runners, Mark Knoblauch guides you through preparing and adapting to these factors as well as how to use them to your advantage.

By reducing the opportunity for negative influences to impact your running, it should be expected that your runs will become more enjoyable and more motivating, which in turn can have a significant impact on both your performance as well as your overall health.

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