My Terrible Book of Happiness

| December 4, 2018


Margaret Lesh confronts midlife, the empty nest, strange bodily happenings, illness, loss of faith, overwhelming current events, and her resulting dark period. With wit and compassion, she weaves personal stories, observations, essays, bits of trivia, and her own coping tools into a beautifully funny, engaging tapestry. Opening up about her mental, physical, and spiritual reboot, the author of Let Me Get This Off My Chest: A Breast Cancer Survivor Over-Shares once again invites you in for a chat over a cup of coffee (or tea). Sharing from the depths of her soul, she writes not only to figure things out, but to help others navigating times that often feel bewildering and chaotic.

For those feeling anxious, sad, or simply in need of a lift, this book was written for you.


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