Old Blood

| December 6, 2018


Her house razed and family dead, hunted by forces beyond her understanding.

Sarah awakens to her house ablaze and a gunman trapping her inside. She suffers third degree burns and is torn to shreds before being greeted by the mouth of a gun. She is a member of the old blood and she will be hunted.

Fleeing one attack after the next, Sarah is thrown into a supernatural world beyond her own comprehension. Fighting for survival alongside her are the best friend she thought she knew, and an unexpected ally from the very people sent to kill her.

Striving to save her own life and that of the only person she cares for, Sarah must discover just why she isn’t dead from her wounds already. If she and her friends put a stop to the threat they may yet live, but the cost could be higher than anyone anticipated. A sacrifice that destiny has already foretold.

Only death will bring about resolution, but whose death will it be?

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