Queen of the City (QotC Book 1)

| December 6, 2018


The streets are dangerous,
Full of drugs, sex, guns, and rap.

Freestyle rap artist, Lyric, is at the height of her career. But when, her boyfriend is gunned down in cold blood after a drug deal gone bad, Lyric’s life takes a turn for the worse. Trying something new in Chicago only brings about more tragedy for the once-famous rap star.

When she finally gives up and moves back home, Lyric tries to get back on her feet again. How can this strong black woman take back the life that was so quickly taken from her?

Things start falling into place once she encounters the ambitious and charismatic Nas. His appearance throws her through a loop–he looks exactly like her dead boyfriend. As she and Nas get closer, they realize that they have the same goal: take down the local drug lord–the same man who killed her first love.


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