Kiss Me, Evil

| October 18, 2013


Kiss Me, Evil

* * *
Evil has infinite incarnations. Comes wrapped in a variety of attractive packages. None of them as alluring, as sensual, as Trina Dimitri. Her beauty, mystique, her stunning physical presence. That face. That body. The package is mesmerizing, but what lies hidden inside? Darkness. A habitat for psychosis, rabid emotions, all of them voracious, ruthless, and deadly.

Trina’s husband, top contending light-heavyweight boxer, Nick “Nicky Kid” Dimitri, had a couple of rules for keeping his head above the raging waters of their tumultuous relationship: One . . . don’t cross Trina. Two . . . if you do, don’t ever turn your back on her. Rules to live by, to keep on living by.

Now the rules have gone by the wayside. With reckless abandon Nick has cast off his strategy for survival. Turned down a four million dollar deal. Taken up with another woman.

Finances and philandering, money and sex, have crumbled the foundations of far stronger marriages than Nick’s. Reduced love’s ivory towers to rubble. Hard to say what has Trina more upset, Nick’s turning his back on four million, or his taking up with Roxi, his young gutterpunk lover. But, make no mistake, Trina is enraged. Planning a payback. A divorce, of sorts, one whose terms are nonnegotiable, whose stipulations will be written in blood.

KISS ME, EVIL . . . a fast paced, trenchant, sensual, violent tour of L.A.’s dark side, offering up an incisive look at some of the most heinous moral bottom feeders ever to leave a bloody handprint on a printed page. Dark crime fiction at its brutal best.

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