Just Three Things: Transform your life and achieve your goals by taking the right actions every day

| December 10, 2018


Stop being busy and start being productive.

Just Three Things sets out a concise, easy to implement approach to time management. Productivity is not about creating and ploughing through a huge to-do list but making an intelligent decision daily on what action will have the most impact and move you the furthest forward.

J3T is not a book you need to spend hours reading and implementing. By its very nature, it gets to the nub quickly and effectively. It is, however, stuffed with tips on time management that entrepreneurs, intrepreneurs, students and the rest of us who want to achieve can do.

J3T is not a book you need to spend hours reading and implementing. But it is stuffed with tips which get you closer to your goals and clearly sets out the potential trouble spots when implementing the new system.

You will learn:

The simplicity of this system is deceptive

How can we make sure you do take daily action, are consistent in your approach and learn from your mistakes? J3T we will go through a step by step process making sure you know what action follows which.

The myth of three weeks to form a habit

Forming a habit takes way beyond three weeks and it varies for each person. How can you take tangible steps to make this part of your daily routine? J3T is designed to make it easy to implement quickly in your life. Consider it a micro habit to get yourself on track.

How to pinpoint which action to take

There is an art to this that is way beyond a “to do” list and you’ll learn what it is and how to use it.

How you choose the right goal for right now?

This is goal setting 101. Years are wasted choosing the wrong thing for the right reasons. We go through a dream to goal to action funnel that sets you up for life.

The secret to taking action

How can you ensure that even the big things get done? You’ll learn the fundamental mistakes people make when it comes to action, how to avoid them and what the secret is to getting stuff done.

In a nutshell, J3T is time management and productivity for busy people. It breaks down how to take the right action, consistently and see results.

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