Author interview with EJ Kellett of ‘The Victory Perspective’

Author Interview with EJ Kellett

Five individuals find themselves in a wondrous paradise with the perfect climate and boundless resources. But when one develops remarkable powers, he hatches a plan to take control of his comrades and create his perfect world by any means necessary. Will this perfect world be created?



Author E.J. Kellett is here to turn your world upside down. Asking questions so daring, not many before her have had the courage: Are we right to assume our ‘God’ and creation were perfect and impeccable? If you are bold enough to follow this path, you can start a journey of discovery with a book that presents the Bible in the mirror. Turning the classic creation story on its head, this thrilling and thought-provoking dystopian novel pushes the boundaries of our preconceived notion. E.J., what inspired you to push against these preconceived notions?

I was thinking about history and how our history is told through the eyes of the victors. I got to thinking about some of our ‘accepted’ creation stories. I wanted to write a story that explored what if our entire existence had been told by the victorious party.



How did these victorious, and of course the not-so-victorious characters come to life as you formulated your exploration?

They grew really organically. They ended up quite different to how I originally envisaged them.



Were the events your characters went through also develop organically, or did you find yourself drawing on events from your own life to help your exploration?

Only that you have to be open-minded to write a book like this. That goes for readers as well!



On the topic of readers, can you share the central idea that you wanted to share with them?

That we should question everything, no matter how ingrained the ‘truth’ may be.



Do you find yourself energised and driven to write about all of the ingrained truths that you question, or does it get a bit overwhelming?

The writing part energizes me, but I find the editing process exhausting.



Looking back on the overall experiences, what do you feel that you learnt?

That you need to edit edit edit.



Editing is important. With your stronger writing and editing skills, do you feel that your author voice has changed?

It has a bit. My style is to be quite absent as an author, my ‘voice’ is more how I weave themes through a story than me actually ‘talking’.



Weaving stories is so much fun! What story are you weaving at the moment?

I am working on The Victory Perspective Vol II. Hopefully coming out later in 2019.



I’ve got fingers crossed for you’ll have it completed soon! And to get there you’ll need to go back to work. E.J., thanks so much for sharing a taste of The Victory Perspective, and I can’t wait to see the sequel.


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