The Last Girl (Sand & Fog Series Book 7)

| December 11, 2018


We were a scandal waiting to happen. But I didn’t care.

For years my life had already been an unending downward spiral. Then my grandfather, Jack, gave me an apartment no one knew about. A secret bequest after his death, and the brief note that accompanied the gift sent me running to Italy.

I’d gone to Venice to find peace, knowing I was weak, and instead I found him.

He was magnificent, brilliant, jaded, and white-hot danger. I was consumed by him as I’ve never been by anything or anyone. Vibrant and unrelenting wakefulness burned inside me when he was near.

And he became everything I craved and all I lived for.

Letting go of us was inevitable, even as it tormented me to tear us apart.

THE SAND & FOG SERIES is about the Manzone family, filled with passionate loyalty, enduring hope, and forever love.

Each book in this series is carefully written so that you can understand and not feel lost even if you haven’t read the other books in the series. You can start the Sand & Fog Series with The Last Girl. But be warned: the characters cross-over from book to book and it’s easy for readers to fall in love and become addicted to my other spunky heroines & swoon-worthy heroes and binge read for days!


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