Sugar Valley

| December 11, 2018


“The Night That Never Happened”

Only One Will Win the Oscar!

Names, places and some events have been changed to protect the identity of all those involved. 99% of all actors don’t make it big in film. This is about a handful of the 1% that did.

This is their story. Learn from it….

When aka Damen Schultz and his two friends escape their protected hometown and travel to Hollywood to make it famous, they find themselves hunted by the rich, famous and powerfully sinister pawns of the industry. Desperate to attain fame, the intentions quickly change to needing fame to save their own lives. At last their true journey commences, fighting to reclaim their simple lives again in this entwining masquerade of deceit, each of them fight to see what they have become blinded to; innocence.

The chess pieces align, a deadly massacre will be the price – and they quickly learn that fame and fortune, wealth and power, come with more than a price.

Time is running out, and each boy must face the wolves that are preying on them and decide whether their paths of moral, immoral or easy was the correct path to take before the red carpet turns bloody.

Names can be changed. Events altered. Fact gently erased for fiction to conveniently take its place.

Welcome to the heart-pounding, suspense thriller that found its way out of the darkness.

Welcome to Sugar Valley….

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