As I Tread On

| December 20, 2018


It’s time to let the nature of words seek adventure, hope, and cure.

As I Tread On is a verse novel that narrates the journey of a man through emotional emptiness and isolation, ironically, in a world that boasts of connectivity at your fingertips. His story is the story of most of us, fighting this ever-losing battle against depression, heartbreaks, and endless disappointments. And yet, he grinds against the pain and we follow him on his quest to find inner peace by clinging on to the world of words, imageries, and metaphors, and ultimately to his healing through poetry.

Reaching out and climbing up, one gruelling step at a time, is a challenge not everyone succeeds in, but it’s a story worth reading and an adventure worth living.

The book is divided into three acts dedicated to the three stages of this journey:

Journey: A Beginning

Journey: The Road

Journey: The Forever

A blend of free verse, sonnets, and narrative poetry with intermediate prose pieces suit every mood of the reader and make them feel whole again.


As I tread on
Down the forest path,
Autumn leaves crumble,
Leaving behind footprints
On the dew-soaked mud,
I see?
A new dawn,
A new me ?
At the Horizon,
And I tread on…

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