Dog Treat Recipes II

| October 21, 2013


Dog Treat Recipes II

How do you return the devoted love and affection your pet gives you every day? With More Easy, healthy, homemade treats! Here’s over 50+ NEW recipes!

Homemade dog treats can be a wonderful way to share your love and reward your pet’s devotion. Plus, what a great healthy alternative to store bought treats, which are filled with who knows what! Instead, give them the healthy nutrition they deserve, homemade!

As pet owners for many years, we have developed hundreds of recipes for all kinds of treats, biscuits and cookies – all healthy and EASY! Edition II has a few of the old favorites you love and over 50+ NEW recipes.

We all have busy and hectic lives, but your pet is always waiting there for you, ready to give you their unconditional love. So, take a few minutes, put on some relaxing music and de-stress a bit while making your pet a healthy and much appreciated treat or cookie.

This new book has OVER 50 NEW homemade recipes, plus it’s filled with lots of tips and helpful hints for a healthier pet. Your pet will love you for getting this book!! Enjoy!


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