Hidden in Paris — The Cookbook

| October 22, 2013


Hidden in Paris -- The Cookbook

Here is what readers of the Hidden in Cookbook have to say:

“Just plain adorable… I enjoyed the photos of Paris and the food. I ordered her novel based on this cookbook and look forward to reading that.” Lone Wolf, Amazon Reviewer.

“Gorgeous and Yummy! …While the book is very nicely done in small, it is gorgeous on the big screen! Each of the recipes is accompanied by a bit of text from Corrine’s Hidden in Paris, a stunning photograph of Paris, and another of the recipe.” Grandma, Amazon Reviewer.

“Lovely! I liked this book quite a bit – the photos are lovely and the author writes in a casual, occasionally humorous style that I enjoyed. I laughed out loud at the calculator en croute and the “eggs of irreproachable freshness and lineage.” Lucy Ditty, Amazon Reviewer

By the author of Hidden in Paris, a playful cookbook filled with step-by-step recipes of the kinds of meals French people really prepare and eat at home.

Originally created for the readers of the novel Hidden in Paris, this cookbook features twenty delicious dishes described in the novel, mouth-watering photography of food (and of Paris!) excerpts from the novel, and funny stories.

The recipes in the cookbook are mostly traditional French comfort food, easy to prepare and easy to love. The cookbook is intended as an ideal download before a trip to France, especially for those whose idea of the French experience includes shopping at markets and preparing local dishes.


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