Shooting Eros – The Emuna Chronicles – Book 1

| January 18, 2019


When humankind needed saviors, Heaven sent them traitors.

Matchmaking goes ballistic when as the result of a sacred vow, Heaven’s top cupid commando, Captain Cyrus, is banished to Earth. Expected to die a quick and unlamented death, Cyrus instead sets out to remind a battered and faithless world that some things are still worth fighting for.

Trained in Heaven by secret sages and dismayed on Earth by evil men–Cyrus and a team of renegade cupids battle above and below to save both worlds from a loveless oblivion.

Two worlds divided; one holy mission. A match made in Heaven; a love forged on Earth. Love is a battlefield.

Shooting Eros: The Emuna Chronicles is a genre-bending epic trilogy.

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