The Dream Metropolis (A Paean to Dreams, Book 1)

| October 22, 2013


The Dream Metropolis (A Paean to Dreams, Book 1)

In dreams, anything is possible. It can be an escape from a tortured reality, no matter how ephemeral that may be, or it can be a horror that you can’t run from.

A man who calls himself The Magistrate has created a dream world more encompassing than any virtual reality, through unseen hands in an unseen corporation. He preaches transcendence through dreams, another level of human evolution that separates the mind from the body entirely.

His zealotry has swept up multiple dreamers into his project, from drug addicts to assassins to innocent children. The Metropolis, the first dream, is a city whose shape and influence are manipulated and altered by the dreamers inside; at times, it’s a nightmare, but also believable enough that reality itself becomes a memory.

The city kills those who try to push and expand its boundaries, for its dreaming existence is both limitless and constricted.

For Ash, a dying man spending his final moments in the Metropolis, dreaming forever doesn’t sound so appealing.


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