The Learning Project, Rites of Passage

| January 1, 2019


What’s it like to become fully human? In The Learning Project 35 people of all ages and backgrounds, from the celebrated to the unknown, recount lives of success, failure, victory, and despair. Welcome your own rites of passage, because without them you are unchanged.

The people in The Learning Project come from all walks of life, economic backgrounds, races, cultures, and political perspectives. Each one answers the question of how learning changed their life. The interviews are separated into 11 areas of interest and three stages of life: youth, middle age, or elder.

They include young people, artists, athletes, tradesmen, soldiers, scientists, and politicians, some of whom you’ll know by name. They range from Nobel Laureate to street vandal, from physician to drug addict. Some have disabilities, many suffered trauma, all are survivors. They speak of learning through schooling, family, struggle, work, and hardship with stories that are personal, frustrating, and sometimes horrific. All are inspiring.

Some of these stories go back 15 years, others go back 150. They are stories of modern rites of passage echoing a mythology that goes back thousands of years. Locked in them is your own secret to becoming human. I cannot give you the key, but you can find it.

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