| January 1, 2019


A suspense filled and adventurous novel set in different time periods that eventually converge to complete a masterpiece.

Miko, a retired Swiss musician, is mysteriously commissioned under strange circumstances to make the electronic version of a musical piece that, until then, had been confined to a strange and ancient music box.

Miko soon discovers that the strange character who commissioned the piece is part of a mysterious group. He also discovers that this group has preserved and controlled the music whose origins go back to Pythagoras, the philosopher who first identified the Music of the Spheres in ancient Egypt. These melodies achieve an undoubted connection between music and divinity, along with all its healing powers.

A thrilling adventure novel which will take you on a journey to African deserts, Buddhist temples, North Pole glaciers and the mysterious Easter Island, to end up at the Egyptian pyramids where the secret of the Music of the Spheres is hidden. A mysterious music box activates an ancestral mechanism that was waiting to be set in motion: the future of the planet is in the balance.

Our story starts in Portugal where a musician will have to face his past to find the true intention of the game, while a secret brotherhood of Pythagorean descendants lurks in the background. With a plausible and ingenious interpretation of the great unresolved mysteries -the moais of Easter Island, crop circles, and Egyptian pyramids- a secret is revealed that goes as far back as such historical figures as Pythagoras, Beethoven, Christian Rosenkreutz or King Louis II of Bavaria, and impregnated the operas of Richard Wagner.

A look at our world through respect for indigenous peoples whilst drawing attention to deforestation and global warming. The key is inside each and every one of us. Enigmas, mystery, action and adventure in an unforgettable epic journey.

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