Her Deluxe Dragon Detective

| January 2, 2019


Accused of murder…
An accountant by day and a soccer enthusiast by choice, Gabriela Alves is nothing if not unlucky at love, and her ex-fiancé is the worst of the bunch. But her obsessive ex-fiancé turning up brutally murdered in her living room is beyond mere bad luck even for her.

Pursued by a detective with an electric smile…
Lone dragons don’t have soul mates, but police detective Derek da Luz thinks that he might have found his. The problem? She’s practically a soccer hooligan. And also, she’s just been accused of murder. There’s that too. At least she roots for the right team.

And on the trail of a ruthless murderer.
Gabriela doesn’t know the first thing about investigating a murder, but as the police’s prime suspect – and also, their only suspect – she’s going to have to wise up and fast. That is, if investigating this murder isn’t going to be the death of her.

A sizzling, full length cozy paranormal romantic comedy featuring a soccer obsessed Brazilian accountant and a fast-talking police detective, Her Deluxe Dragon Detective is #4 in the Lone Dragon Series. Every book in the series is a complete and standalone novel, and they can be read in any order.

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