Spark City

| January 3, 2019


Erroh has a plan. A simple plan.  It’ll never work.

One of fantasy’s trailblazing storytellers breaks new ground with his best selling novel Spark City, inaugurating an original four-book Epic Fantasy series. Spark City’s gripping adventure, epic swords fights, dark humor and slow burn love story has won a devoted readership and earned comparisons to fantasy masters Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson and J.R.R. Tolkien. 

Thousands of years after the human race collapsed, what remains of a once-great world is a tiered system of a warrior species with limitless potential for war and survival. Now under the command of The Primary, a staunch woman with an iron first, a dawning age of peace has descended upon a world so shaky it just may shatter it.

For one young man, peace and promise stretch out before him as he stares down the barrel of the mysterious ritual known as the Cull. It appears his future is all but written for him and the promise of change is just around the corner–but is it good change or bad? 

Now with a cryptic killer on the loose and an unlikely companion at his side, Erroh must seek out the truths of a dangerous world that seems intent on rapidly unfolding beneath his feet, all while navigating the precarious mind of the opposite sex. Across great distances and against many brutal obstacles, Erroh must call upon the warrior within to withstand the greatest challenges of his life and hunt down those who would disturb the peace of a world he once rejected.

If you love coming of age fantasy, you’ll be captivated by Spark City. 

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