Danny and the Invasion of the Dinosaurs

| January 5, 2019


This is the 3rd book of The Adventures of Danny Hoopenbiller series. Published on November 2013, it was written and illustrated by David T. Lee at age 9. It is the sequel of “Danny and the Trip to Outer Space” and “Danny and the Portal of the World”. This book contains 19 chapters, 17,000 words and 7 full page illustrations. Full color illustrations are available for view on his author blog as listed below. It is suitable for kids 7-12.

Summary of the story:

The impossible has happened. Dinosaurs, vanished 65 million years ago, have come back to life. Nations have to unite to stop the rampaging monsters from wiping out mankind. Humans are losing the fight – until Danny Hoopenbiller comes.

After dinosaurs destroyed his home, Danny is forced to protect his family and under desperate measures, leads the USA Army into what may be their most deadly mission. Danny is the balance that could either save or raze humankind. Will he survive?

Book review by April Jones Prince:
(Author of many award winning children’s books and a long time editor)

“David, you have always been a strong writer, but you are growing by leaps and bounds! It’s really fantastic to see. I think this was my favorite Danny story yet because the idea was so inventive (going back to the time of the meteor) and the dino villains are ones we are simultaneously fascinated with but also love to hate.

This is one action-packed adventure! And you are quite adept at imagining and writing it. I also love your stellar vocabulary and use of similes and metaphors, which make me feel like I am right there in your story.

That said, I am also a real fan of the plush and luxurious locations you invent. The Red Blossom Inn is awesome! I want to go there! I love your many details on pages 52 and 53. I also like that this scene lets us take a breather from all the high-speed action; it’s good for pacing. And it’s funny how we as readers let our guards down and take a deep breath, just like Danny and Johnny do.”

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