Defying Instinct (Demon Instinct Series)

| October 23, 2013


Defying Instinct (Demon Instinct Series)

Twenty-year-old half-demon Savannah “Savvy” Cole was raised in the human world by her father. During her entire life she has never felt like others feel – neither physically nor emotionally. But when the disguise her royal demon mother cast on her at birth is lifted, Savannah experiences a lifetime of sensations and passions in a matter of days. As demonkind begins looking at her as a leader thanks to the political goals of the mother she never wanted to meet, let alone rule beside, Savannah navigates turbulent relationships and feelings for the broody demon who makes her feel more than she ever thought possible while coming to terms with her position within demon society. Accepting her royal responsibilities means sacrificing everything she has ever known, but Savannah must choose what is most important—her demon lust for power or her human capacity to love.


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