Goblin Stories

| January 6, 2019


The world of Other Place is filled with elves, men, ogres, trolls, dwarfs and goblins, lots and lots of goblins. Many goblins live in the Kingdom of the Goblins, but far more live in caves and crude settlements scattered across their world. They pull pranks and set traps in the fine goblin tradition while doing their best to avoid the consequences.

At times goblins get caught up in wars, revolutions and disasters. They run in fear from such events, as goblins know being brave often leads to being dead, but sometimes they can’t get away fast enough. Small, weak, stupid and just a bit crazy, they should be crushed underfoot when this happens…except they’re not.

Facing an army of criminals and thieves, goblins aren’t running. Instead they find friends to stand with them, be they revolutionaries, holy men, wizards or heroes. They steal powerful weapons that can tip the balance in their favor. Strangest of all, they set traps big enough to catch armies. Goblins are standing up for themselves and their friends, and Other Place will never be the same.

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