Becoming Anorak Nid Book One

| October 23, 2013


Becoming Anorak Nid Book One

Hurrah! This is the first in the Becoming Anorak Nid series by Alix B macey. Perfect for 8+ children + reluctant readers.

Psst.. she’s not fussy, she’ll even take (reluctant) 38 year olds!

But hey, stop…you don’t want to read about the fact that it’s a fictional children’s story that will propel you full pelt into the sporadically funny, celestial life adventures of a persecuted, orphaned spider called Nid – with a fantastical fantasy twist and funny (not entirely ha ha) scrolls? You just want the facts – right?

I bet you don’t even care that ever since Great Aunt Wince got flushed down the plug-hole in the upstairs lavvy and was never seen again, Nid avoids water at all costs – in whatever form it takes; puddles, ice-bergs, baths, even spit – do you?

In the face of all this, for goodness sake don’t spill the beans, but Nid has a job to do – will he be able to pull it off though?

Somewhere a cat barked, a dog meowed, and Trevor the Webber persecuted.

Purposefully, with a touch of mysterious silence, lurking in the corner of Mr. Busy’s bumble sale – underneath holey socks, smelly jumpers and odd knickers, is the magical answer to all of Nid’s bonkers thinking – that could change his life forever…

Joined by his astonishing mute ant friend, Sile Ant – who for obvious reasons has no speaking part (quite odd in a book really?), Nid heads off on one of the most challenging adventures he will ever have to undertake –ever, in the whole world of England.

But just exactly where did he leave his oomph?

Why is that rascal Trevor the Webber having his ear sown back on?

What are these mysterious scrolls with funny bits of ribbon around them?

What about Cricket and his mysterious missing self?!

Why is Anorak Nid called Anorak Nid?

Why am I asking so many questions?

And hey! Why is there a light, the size of a freckle, groaning underneath the kitchen window?

You won’t find the answers here… you sausage! You have to take a look inside….

Hmmm I know, let’s have a look at a few revoo’s…

“….Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next….” Anorak Nid

“…I hate that spider – don’t buy this book!….” Trevor the Webber

“…..a piece of writing of the very highest quality and quite the best example of a children’s book I have had the opportunity of reading for some considerable time….” My mate Tony from up the road (Northumbria)

…“Sign…sign…sign.. “ .Sile Ant

“….it grabbed my attention immediately with its sheer quirkiness. It is striking in its originality to the extent that there is nothing else quite like it available today…. My mate Tony from up the road – again!

Ooops… we’re not sure any of these count do they… te he..?

Go on, look inside otherwise Alix might cry, and it’ll be all your fault!

About the author

Former BBC radio presenter Alix (Bates) Macey lives in the beautiful countryside of the Surrey/Hampshire borders with her grumpy crabby pleasant….grumpy husband, two forever dissatisfied children, a lazy dog and a lot of very bossy bills!

NB; Having just read that back I would like to point out that I do in fact live in a house and not in the country-side.

I don’t like soggy things.

But I love peanut butter (crunchy – clearly).


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