The Conquered (Quadromolan series book 1)

| January 8, 2019


First in the Quadromolan series it vivdly encapsulates the vicious heart of Dramkick Reign. It takes us into the center of the planet Membra, the site of political upheaval, acts of transformation, and endless plots to assassinate Dramkick.

Lurking in the background of this imaginative tale is an entity known as “The Vindijan Line,” who are seeking out Dramkick for a life debt. Stranger still is who they want killed and why.

The story begins with Dramkick doing a routine check of his elite soldiers the Vor Me. Dramkick kills a weak link in the Vor Me in an explosion of disgusting murder. This act will lead him to question his own sanity and crippling loneliness. The conjunction of his stewardship of 4 solar systems and Dramkick’s want to search out his true equal in the universe stand at the center of this instantly absorbing creation.

With great authority and equally great economy, The Conquered expands to become a portrait of power, its hierarchies, its hidden mysteries, and the ever shifting power structure-most significantly-its indelible cast of characters.


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