The New Earth: Book 1 In The Moon Penitentiary Series

| January 9, 2019


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In 2132, The New World Order designated the Moon Base the official prison for New Earth. Over the next three years, all the prisons in New Earth were emptied, and the inmates sent to the moon. Only 63% of the inmates survived the voyage. The decision to move New Earth’s prison system to the moon was made for two reasons: first, it freed up critical space on the planet’s surface for housing developments and industrial facilities; second, moving dangerous criminals to the moon would keep the population of New Earth safer.

In 2139, The New World Order passed a law designed to deter criminals from ever committing a crime. Not only would the criminal be sent to the Moon Penitentiary, but their entire family – parents, and siblings, or spouse and children, depending on the age of the convicted person – would be sent along with them.

The planet has changed since the New World Order has taken over. Following a nuclear war, these are the days of the new millennium, with neurotic rules and harsh penalties.

After Seventeen-year-old Garth Haston sneaks off with friends one night, the results are disastrous. He is behind the wheel and causes an accident he flees from. The consequences are swift for a hit-and-run. His younger sister, Rushell, and his hard-working parents, air ambulance driver, Dirk, and ER nurse, Rita, are sentenced to twenty years in a sprawling prison system on the moon. Separated, with letters being their only form of communication, the dark reality of their new life slowly sinks in.

Soren Zolnai, the director of the prison, taunts Dirk in the cruelest of ways. As days pass, Dirk realizes how vulnerable he and his family are. He is in a terrifying predicament–trapped in space, miles from home, with his wife and daughter vulnerably exposed to unimaginable threats.

A compassionate guard shows an interest in Dirk, bringing him books and a message. After two months in the Lunar Penitentiary, Dirk is sure of one thing–he can’t serve twenty years, he won’t survive Soren’s cruelty and neither will his family.

Trapped with thousands of other prisoners, the walls between Dirk and his family become a brutal reminder that the rules of civilized society don’t apply. Dirk is forced to ask himself if he has what it takes to change their fate. Does he have the strength and the means to rescue his family?

Set in the not-too-distant future, full of sympathetic characters rife with tangible emotions, The New Earth is the first book in an original science fiction dystopian series entitled “The Moon Penitentiary” by author Nick Langenberg.

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The New Earth – A Science Fiction Adventure – The Moon Penitentiary Book Number 1 in this Science Fiction omnibus.

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