Car Accidents Hand Book: The Go-To Guide for Car Accident Victims

| January 15, 2019


The complete overview of Car Accidents, types, causes and injuries for victims of auto accidents in the state of Illinois. Attorney Rosenfeld has compiled a complete reference of the various types and causes of car accidents within the state of Illinois as well as the startling statistics of these accidents.

Included with the reference guide are details and statistics pertaining to Car Accidents, the types of injuries sustained in car accidents and the various types of and contributing factors that relate to the causes and outcomes of car accidents in Illinois, and throughout the United States.

Attorney Rosenfeld additionally details information referencing Truck, Motorcycle and Pedestrian accidents which have been compiled into an easy to read and reference guide for victims of car and related auto accidents.

The guide has been created as a public service resource and is available free of charge from the Amazon Kindle marketplace.

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