Aaden BlueStar Awakening: ET Time Traveler

| January 12, 2019


Extraterrestrial On Earth

Aaden appears to be an everyday teen, a reserved one at that. The only thing particularly special about him is that his father is a senator. However, everything changes one day when he is confronted by a supernatural entity that tries to destroy him. Like a blend of Harry Potter vs Star Wars, the wizard in this adventure believes he`s nobody special until the lightning strike awakens memories that he`s an extraterrestrial born here for a time travel mission – and his senator father is also not of this world.

Walking in the park that day with his best friend Fleur and his sister Tiffany, who are more like his spiritual protectors, Aaden’s superhuman powers are triggered when the entity Belial attempts to kill him with the lightning strike. Through the resulting expansion of awareness and past life memories he discovers his connection, not only to his father, but also to other-worldly beings. The dormant superpowers awakened in him, like being able to read people’s thoughts and even fly a spaceship, leads him on an exciting journey as he joins forces with others to combat their common foe.

Their success in their mission will not only determine the future of our world, but also the lives of all humanity. The fate of our world relies on Aaden BlueStar Awakening.

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