A Perfect Nanny (Giffort Street)

| October 24, 2013


A Perfect Nanny (Giffort Street)

The Whittakers were stunned when they discovered that Meddie, their nanny, had suddenly disappeared without giving notice.

Hired temporarily by Arnold Whittaker after his wife, Bernice, had a difficult delivery with their first child, Meddie proved to be so good with the baby and capable around the house that they couldn’t believe their good fortune at having found such a perfect nanny. They kept her on and were delighted that she showed as much devotion when their second daughter was born. The Whittakers came to think of Meddie as part of the family, so when she disappeared they were puzzled and upset. Not only was Meddie a perfect nanny and housekeeper, she always seemed to know what was going to happen before it actually occurred. That’s what made her quick departure even harder to understand. Where had Meddie gone and what did she know that she wasn’t willing to tell them?

A PERFECT NANNY is the first in a series of Giffort Street stories.


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