The Man in a Haystack

| October 24, 2013


The Man in a Haystack

THE MAN IN A HAYSTACK is a true story based on the author’s dating escapades in her forties. Written in blog format it makes for an easy and fast paced read and has been described by 5 STAR reviewers as ‘a chick lit masterpiece’, ‘better than Bridget Jones’, and ‘an addictive read’. It is funny, emotional, heartbreaking, and above all entertaining. If you are in your thirties or forties (or even fifties) and still searching for Mr Right or simply want to be transported back to your dating days, this book is for you. It provides insights in to online dating, office romances, toy boys, players, charmers – pick a type and you’ll probably find him between these pages! Every woman can relate.

SYNOPSIS Mae, a forty-something glamorous Essex girl, has spent most of her adult years waiting for Mr Right to sweep her off her feet. Conscious of time no longer being on her side, her biological clock ticking away and signs of ageing creeping up on her, she decides to take matters in to her own hands and seek out the man of her dreams, blogging about her dating encounters as they unfold. Join Mae on her journey as she searches for love. Feel her frustrations and emotional pain. Laugh, smile and cry with her, and watch as she lays past relationships to rest.

The Man in a Haystack is an entertaining story essentially for women, however men may also reap some benefits. Women might recognise similarities with their own men, identify with elements of Mae’s personality and empathise with her dating experiences. Men, on the other hand, could become educated in female psychology and find out why their girlfriends react to them the way they do.

EDITORIAL REVIEW: “Out of all the romance novels I have read, this one felt the most realistic. We can only reminisce about our favourite Disney tale but this one is so much more realistic. Mr Right isn’t always there when you need him to sweep you off your feet. The novel is incredibly well written, and the characterisation is so strong, that you feel Mae’s emotion through every page, from her joy to her sadness. So, that is why the story works – Alice Huskisson is writing from the heart and it shows. There is a truth behind her words, and an empathy that is evoked through a refreshingly honest account of love and romance.”
– Reproduced with the kind permission of ESSEX STYLE MAGAZINE


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