The Unknown Hero

| January 24, 2019


The Unknown Hero is Isaac Philips’s enthralling, debut novel about a young rancher who must discover the hero within himself. The Unknown Hero is the first book in a trilogy adventure brimming with clever schemes, vibrant characters, and intricate worlds.

“Something had flinched in the darkness. He scanned the scene, his eyes straining to penetrate the walls of rain and mist. Then he saw it, a giant form as pitch black as the night…”

Why have they come? Fear and speculation ripple across the solar system, when an immense warfleet shows up out of nowhere. The leaders of the seven inhabited worlds must scramble to determine a course of action. Together, they can stand against the threat, but their own underhanded schemes divide them.
Swept into the political panic, a timid, young rancher will have to unravel the secrets of the solar system that he holds dear. He will come face to face with the invaders and witness the first acts of war. To survive will take bravery, strength, and more than a little cunning.

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