The Magic of Raw Food: A Newcomer’s Guide to the Raw Food Diet for Natural Weight Loss

| October 25, 2013


The Magic of Raw Food: A Newcomer's Guide to the Raw Food Diet for Natural Weight Loss, Good Health and Natural Beauty. (Includes over 20 raw recipes)


For a fresh approach to good health, natural weight loss, and natural beauty, look no further than

The Magic of Raw Food by Helen Capaldi

Helen’s approach is completely different from all the fad diets that seem to appear overnight, only to disappear just as quickly. Her attitude towards diet and nutrition is as fresh and natural as it is ethical and is a return to the way we once used to eat, long before food production became industrialised, with its additives, preservatives, colourings, etc. She maintains that the standard western diet, which she believes overcooks food already overloaded with additives, contributes to the epidemics of obesity, cancer, diabetes and the many other chronic diseases so common in western society today.

For the newcomer to raw food Helen describes the diet in easy-to-read sections, reporting how people who embark on the diet, eating only organic, natural raw foods, have typically claimed huge improvements in their energy levels, emotional temperament, and boosts to their immune system. They also report effortless, natural and long-lasting weight loss and the slowing of the natural ageing process, and not just a slowing of that process, but also its reversal too. While not specifically endorsing these claims, Helen maintains that there are many benefits to be gained, even if at first you don’t commit to being a complete 100 per cent convert.

If you have never come across the raw food concept before, you are probably unsure what it actually means in real terms. You are probably thinking this diet will involve you in deprivation and denial and that you are going to have to consider basing your diet around so-called “rabbit foods”: ie. carrots, cabbage and lettuce; but happily that is not true, and those who embark on the raw food adventure are both surprised and delighted at the new world of dietary opportunity that opens up to them.

Helen also explains that the Raw Food Diet is far more than simply a discipline to help you lose weight; it can be a whole new lifestyle choice, and once the choice is made you will see the subject of food and nutrition in a completely different light and the transformation you feel within yourself will discourage you from ever returning to your old way of life.

Helen Capaldi explains everything in uncomplicated terms. Here are just some of the topics she covers:

  • What is raw food?;
  • The three main types of raw food diet;
  • Getting started and making a gradual transition to raw;
  • Which foods are raw, and which foods are not: (Helen dispels several myths in this section);
  • Living raw in a cooked world: handling non-raw restaurants, dining at a friend’s home, etc.,

…plus much, much more.

In the resource section, Helen outlines how to keep up with developments, and stay informed with both email magazines (Ezines) and printed magazines. Also included in the book are links to enable you to download free calorie counters, diet and exercise journals, and more.

Finally, Helen includes a recipe section with more than 20 of her favourite raw food recipes to help you get started on your raw food adventure.

So, if you have been searching for a different, practical, and above all effective approach to good health, natural weight loss, and natural beauty, this comprehensive and informative guide will set you on the right path and has the potential to transform your life for the better.

Discover the Magic of Raw Food for yourself!

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