Scarlet Skies of Savannah

| October 25, 2013


Scarlet Skies of Savannah

A medical romance in a picturesque African setting, Scarlet Skies of Savannah brings together an unlikely and restless trio. Renata, a humanitarian aid functionary, arrives in Senegal with all the enthusiasm of a European woman wishing to bring law and civilization to the rightless local females.

And there she meets the cursing, drinking, cynical bush doctor Lukin who uses his semi-legal clinic to save lives of pregnant girls and Tuareg guerrillas alike. No, Renata’s not in love with him (at least she doesn’t think so). But soon she’ll need his help to save a local boy called Essa – the third party of the unlikely love triangle…

About the author:

Nigina Muntean is a published Uzbek romance author currently living in Africa where she works as a medical specialist for the UN, WHO and a number of NGO organizations and local hospitals. Two of her previous novels, published with EKSMO (Russia), were nominated for The Best Contribution To The Cultural Dialogue at the 2009 Book Of The Year Prize held by Russia’s Publishers’ Association.


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