A Guy in Every Port: A Quest for Love

| January 26, 2019


Erika needs to change her plans. Although she pursued her dreams and left her home in Europe to teach underprivileged children in Honduras, the reality is different: she absolutely hates the job and finds the kids annoying. And if that weren’t depressing enough, her friends abandon her one by one after finding their ideal match. She seeks the courage to leave her life full of duties behind and starts exploring the beautiful Central America, hoping to meet her tall dark stranger on the road.

During her travels Erika indulges in several romantic getaways; there’s Rodrigo, the handsome Mexican dentist; Keith, the intellectual travel-writer; Juan, the sexy Guatemalan salsa teacher; Joe, the family-oriented Rastafari – and then there’s Ian, who Erika wishes she never met. Erika is infatuated with her range of options, but is there anything more than a few quick romances on the cards?

Funny, adventurous and intriguing, this travel romance will take you on a thrill ride that makes you want to jump on the plane and start spicing up your own life!


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