My Heart and You

| January 29, 2019


Javier, Carys and Anel’s lives are intertwined by a heart. But how will their lives be joined forever when they are continents apart? Javier’s devastation and heartache at the loss of his wife, Carys, brings him to his home in Cozumel Island, Mexico. As an internationally famous artist, he desperately seeks to return to Cozumel to revive his broken heart and reinvent his work on canvas.Anel’s desperate need for holiday takes her to the warm Caribbean waters in Cozumel Island, Mexico. Her motivational speaking events have left her exhausted and taking a holiday in a different country for the first time in her life will be the excitement and adventure she needs to reinvent her monotonous life.Javier and Anel’s worlds are thousands of miles apart, both living vastly different lifestyles. Will a holiday romance be just that, or will it be God’s will that Javier and Anel overcome the obstacle facing them in their quest to seal their love for each other together and forever.

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