The Minimalist Booklet

| January 29, 2019


How To Become a Minimalist in all aspects of you life

Find a concise, action oriented guide on how to create a Minimalistic life for yourself

If you are one of the people that dream of creating something meaningful in their life, like building a great career, create a wonderful family, maintain a loving relationship, traveling more, or learning a foreign language, you will first need to remove unimportant clutter from your life, so you ensure enough space for great things to manifest. Time and money are finite resources, so if you want to achieve success, you need to prioritize your goals and go in full blast.
But as you most certainly have figured out yourself, eliminating stuff is not so easy, after all everything in your life is there for a reason. If you want to create time to dedicate to learning the guitar, you will have to spend less time with your wife or perhaps sleep less. Making these choices is hard, and I suggest you will need some guidance.
The Minimalist Booklet is not about tidying up or ordering your cellar (there are already quite a lot of books on the topic) and it is not about theoretical exploration of minimalism (also quite a lot of books exist about that). In fact, The Minimalist Booklet is about laying out a plan for you to incorporate minimalist strategies in all major aspects of your life, down to your daily habits, so you will find new clarity and focus to pursue achieving all your goals and objectives.

Learn how to

Find focus and clarity in your health and fitness routines.

Free time and energy to invest in your loved one and your family

Build a healthier relationship with money and focus on the essentials in your career to improve and grow continuously.

Create a learning and development routine that will help you in all your endeavors.

Declutter all of your spaces and organize them in a proper way.

Amanda Clayton is an author, speaker and coach on the topics of minimalism and simple living. Amanda loves educating and inspiring her readers to achieve the success they deserve and live the life of their dreams.

So buckle up, Scroll up and buy now. It is going to be fun.

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