Little Pig, Little Pig

| October 26, 2013


Little Pig, Little Pig

Mary Foster craves a life away from the rat race that is modern day society. Together with her husband Daniel they give up their life in the city and move their family to rural North Yorkshire. However, their peaceful idyll is not all it seems as a series of mysterious events surrounding their daughter soon turns their world upside down.

For Mary it’s a reminder from her past!
With cruel irony, the paranormal experiences she had as a child are now returning to confront her. The past she thought she had buried had now returned to haunt her!
Only this time the stakes are high, this time the lives of her family are put at risk!
Before long Mary is in a race against time to save the people she loves.
It’s a battle that will take her to the very edge, a battle she cannot fight alone, a battle she knows she cannot afford to lose! Together, with the help of an enigmatic Parapsychologist they embark upon a crusade to rid Mary’s daughter of the deadly demon – the Lycan that now possesses her.
A nightmarish scenario unwittingly created through the innocence of a simple child’s fairy tale.


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