Out of Darkness

| February 8, 2019


What would happen if you found out your beloved pastor was living a lie? David Padgett is charged with one murder and quickly becomes the suspect in several others.

Is David Padgett an outstanding pastor, bestselling author, motivational speaker, or a serial killer? Handsome,talented and charismatic, David pastors Grace Tabernacle, one of the largest churches in the world. But his past is about to catch up with him. Now thesecret David kept buried over the years as he built his ministry is about to be revealed. The man who’s burning desires to build a mega church for Christ fells victim to Satan’s deceit. Now he is implicated in the mysterious deaths of Ellen Ridgeway, a production assistant and the killing of church member Linda Darby. Arrested David and  charged withone murder he quickly becomes the suspect in other unsolved cases. It seems to David as if everyone, including God, has turned their backs on him. His soul plunges into the dark abyss he feared for so long. Can God’s Love bring him back or has he gone too far?

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