The Ugly Post – A love story

| February 8, 2019


Charlie and Bryce have been together seven years. They don’t have it all, but they have all they want—each other and the only relationship that’s ever meant anything to them. The week they met, they didn’t flirt with seduction to see what would happen. They fell in love and proved it the only way they knew how. They’ve never been apart since that first tumble into life as lovers, playful partners, best friends, and soul mates.

Charlie has no reason to believe arriving home ahead of Bryce on a random Monday night will change everything between them. But when Charlie logs onto a computer he shares with Bryce, he stumbles into the devastating truth and learns what Bryce really thinks of him.

Or does he? Charlie is sure he’s discovered a secret Bryce has kept for seven years, but Bryce swears Charlie is wrong. Blindsided by lies, mistrust, and shattered faith, the two are swallowed into a vortex spinning so fast, it tears them apart. Can they reveal the fiction in the truth and find their way back to each other, or will the black-and-white portrait one man’s words paint destroy them forever?


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