Reunion at Walnut Cherryville (The Eternal Feud)

| October 27, 2013


Reunion at Walnut Cherryville (The Eternal Feud)

Received Third Prize in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.

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Johnny Cockit accidently murdered a man when he was ten years old, which is why he was sent to Sonoran Correctional High School, a gender-segregated boarding school located in Phoenix, Arizona. Two months before graduation, Johnny and his friends are drugged and abducted by Walnut Cherryville secret watchers during an afternoon counseling session. Making decisions about the future has never felt important until the students are forced to work in a remote produce factory owned by the vengeful Quinton family. Walnut Cherryville is no ordinary factory; it’s the Quintons’ futuristic desert village governed by the principle that people live better-quality lives when they don’t make their own decisions. To ease the burden of life’s basic yet complicated choices, the government limits misdirection by choosing every citizen’s career path and lifestyle. Johnny and his friends plot an escape but must avoid being recaptured because abandonment of the village is a crime punishable by death. In a scandalous turn of events, Johnny discovers that the reason they were captured roots back to an ancient family feud between the Cockit and Quinton families.

The Eternal Feud is a series narrated by Johnny and his delinquent friends Vincent, Laura, and Collins, whose lives are altered during a forever-binding extraordinary adventure.

Due to strong sexuality, this book is intended for young adults ages 14 and up.


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