Love and Death in Santiago de Chile

| February 11, 2019


In the foothills of the Andes Mountains, American Anabel Andrews expects to enjoy a quiet weekend escape during a business trip to Chile. But within 24 hours of her arrival in the sleepy hamlet of Baños Morales, two strangers are dead — and she’s the only one who suspects something sinister. Setting out on an adventure that takes her through the restaurants, salsa clubs, and marketplaces of the Chilean capital, the heroine unravels the mystery and chases after a shadowy killer. All in the company of a handsome stranger she met the day the victims were discovered dead.

A cozy mystery with equal parts romance, suspense and travel adventure, Love and Death in Santiago de Chile is perfect for fans of whodunnits, chick lit, and romantic comedy. Take it along to read on your own travels, or pick it up for a bit of armchair adventure from the comfort of home.

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