Their Sweetheart City Love

| February 13, 2019


”Their Sweetheart City Love” is the second in author Emilee Harris’ Colorado City Series, a Victorian Western Romance Series.

No secrets are buried forever…

One woman’s sacrifice…

It’s been twenty-six years since Lucille Manning made the hardest decision of her life, and lost the man she loved. Now, as she prepares to accompany her fiancé on a business trip to Loveland, her old love has reappeared and turned her world upside down. She’s not prepared for the feelings that assault her, a mix of bitterness, anger, and the reigniting of a flame that was never fully extinguished. But she can’t give in to the way her heart flutters when Rick looks at her, she has to commit to her marriage, it’s her last chance to make things right with her conscience…

…can be a lost man’s cause.

Rick, Duke St. Augustine, hasn’t been back to America since that fateful trip to Leadville decades ago, but his heart never really left. He’s still bitter at how quickly Lucy forgot him, but fate has irrevocably connected them through the marriage of their children. He doesn’t want to admit to the way his pulse still quickens at the sight of her. When a chance meeting with an old friend sheds new light on the animosity between them, Rick may be forced to make a decision that will cost him the love of his life…again.

”Their Sweetheart City Love” is a steamy western romance, and a great read for those who love second chance romance books. Emilee writes standalone romance books with happy endings. This book completes the tale of the main characters that began in the prequel. For more great reading, don’t forget to check out all of Emilee’s historical western romance kindle books!

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