Flip the Single Switch: 5 Days To Ditch the Duds and Create the Love Life Of Your Dreams

| February 14, 2019


At last, a step-by-step to flip the single switch in five days even if you only attract emotionally unavailable partners or people that disappear.

Imagine this: you’re just about to meet someone for a first date. You’ve spent some time (but not too much time) picking out the perfect outfit, doing your hair, looking casually attractive as you wait. The coffee shop is busy (but not too busy), you’re right on time, and you feel like a million bucks.

Then, your date walks in. Or, is it your date? You can’t tell. It might be them… no… it can’t be. Wait, is that them? They look vaguely like their online dating pictures. Well, if the pictures were a few years old, with an extra 30 pounds and they’d smoked a few cartons of heavily mentholated cigarettes.


Or, imagine this: you’ve just had the most amazing first date with someone that ticks all your boxes. They’re attractive, charming, educated, loving and witty. You’re literally walking on cloud nine after having met them, pinching yourself. You spent hours and hours together that first (or second) date, starting to think love at first sight really is possible.

But then… they didn’t call. Or, they didn’t reply to your text message, or stood you up for your next date. Maybe they did show up, but it wasn’t quite the same… they didn’t seem as attentive, or they rushed out of your date faster than expected.

What happened!?

Were they “just not that into you”? Deluded? Crazy? Wait, maybe you didn’t try hard enough, maybe give them another chance? Or, another?

Or, maybe you start to think there’s something wrong with you. It’s all your fault, your friends keep on telling you to stop online dating, stop meeting guys at bars, stop meeting women through speed dating events. Or maybe you just stop dating altogether. Being alone has to be better than this, right?

Wait a second. While I realize I’ve taken you down this rabbit hole of what-if’s, I want you to ask yourself something.

What if there’s an easier way?

What if you were never shown examples of healthy romantic love, what dating really is, or how to “fix your picker”? What if you could transform your love life in just five days?

If this sounds too good to be true, fantastic. Let me show you in the next five days how to make some simple shifts in your life to bring you closer to the romantic partnership you’ve always wanted.


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