The Only 25 Poker Tells You Need to Know

| October 28, 2013


The Only 25 Poker Tells You Need to Know

The Only 25 Poker Tells You Need to Know

Take Control of the Table

Believe it or not, poker has never been a game of luck. Over hundreds of games and thousands of hands, the more aware, more dedicated player will win. In his newest book, professional card shark Cris Statz explores the 25 most important poker tells and the influences behind them. Tells are selected based on a range of factors from accuracy, to rate of appearance, the total effect on the table’s situation, and personal experience.

Great for beginners, casual players, and beyond; topics covered include:

    • How to Spot and Exploit Tells


  • Novice Players vs Advanced Players



  • Basic Principles



  • Eliciting Tells



  • The limits of a good tell



  • Using Tells Offensively to bluff



  • The 25 Most Important Poker Tells



  • and more…



This electronic edition includes all of the functionality expected in today’s ereaders, including a linked TOC, and fully formatted text.

Don’t forget to check out Modern Card Counting, also available from Cris Statz.


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