The Blue Goon (A Spacetale story)

| February 15, 2019


Shaun Chanter lives in world where monsters, aliens, superhumans and villains are the norm. However, to him these truths that fed his interests only served to take away from a more bothersome reality. School and work. While coming home from a work that pays his rent, Shaun was lucky or unlucky enough to witness an alien craft crash-land into a nearby forest. His curiosity leads upon a discovery that would change his life forever.

Shaun discovers a kerubix, one of thousands of alien cubes that landed upon Earth. Extraterrestrial objects capable of infusing humans and animals with any kind of matter that endowed them with enhanced abilities. But just as Shaun made his discovery, he is discovered by Nashandra Traust, a member of the Vitaros organization whose job it is to hunt down supernatural objects, people and creatures. Shaun is almost killed by her, until the two are forced to form a truce to work together to rid the town of various in-human threats.

Now Shaun has to balance school, work and hunting monsters, while navigating the trails and tribulations of high school life to discover the kind of man he wants to be. He’s in for the ride of his life!


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