I hate this time of day!

| February 17, 2019


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“I hate, hate, hate this time of day!
There’s nothing you can do. There’s nothing you can say!”

All parents know this phrase. Let the little elephant Edgar, with his example, encourage your children to go to bed with joy. Let every night be a beautiful part of the day.

Let each of your little children say – “I love, love, love this time of day, because to go to bed is not boring at all, but very fun,” especially with mom or dad.

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Every one of your day, my dear child, is full of different emotions. You meet something new. You will know something not ordinary, beautiful, useful. You’re running, dancing, but the night is also significant. You need to rest to grow healthy, big and polite. Let your body relax. Let your legs and pens stop playing. Allow your father to read a fairy tale for you at night. Let your mother sing a lullaby.

You will sleep sweetly until morning, as the elephant Edgar.

A great story about the elephant and his mother. There is a bedtime story about the time that children do not like so much. There is a goodnight story for toddlers about the time when you have to say goodbye to your favorite toys.

There is the best bedtime story about the time to get ready for sleep, go to bed. There is a book will be loved by adults and children.

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