Cars and Stars: Diary of a Beverly Hills Parking Valet

| October 29, 2013


Cars and Stars: Diary of a Beverly Hills Parking Valet

Welcome to the world famous Beverly Garden Hotel — A dazzling Beverly Hills oasis where Hollywood royalty mixes with actual royalty, millionaires take a backseat to billionaires, and the net worth of the cars in its parking lot could comfortably finance a small nation.

There are ten things that will get a parking valet at the Beverly Garden fired on the spot. Over the last 14 hours, Luke Brookington has done five of them.

Ripped from the pages of Luke’s diary, CARS AND STARS: DIARY OF A BEVERLY HILLS PARKING VALET tells a fun and lively tale that spans ten years — from Luke’s first day on the job in 2000 to Oscar Weekend 2010 and the proverbial shift from hell — where one shaky decision leads to many shaky decisions over the course of a wild night fueled by sex, drugs, and large hamburgers.

It’s the story of a man trapped in paradise — of transcendental love found and lost — and of Luke’s golden opportunity to change all of that — if he’ll simply reach for the magic.

CARS AND STARS is a humorous novel set in the celebrity-laden land of sun, fun, mansions, and money. And like books such as HEADS IN BEDS and WAITER RANT, the spot-on insights into the world of high-end service come from a true industry insider. A seventeen-year veteran of 5 Star hotels in Beverly Hills and Bel Air, Bruce Luchsinger parked roughly a quarter of a million cars — many with price tags well north of six figures — before putting pen to paper.


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