Why Wilt a Wallflower? A Survivor Memoir

| March 7, 2019


Amy Sue Jackson’s important account, Why Wilt a Wallflower? A Survivor Memoir, is a stirring memoir of one woman’s will to carry on and stand up for herself as a survivor of sexual abuse.

Amy reached out for help from her youth pastor, quickly being labeled a sinner.  A few years later, Amy found the courage to file a police report against her attacker, her brother, facing family banishment.

On her own, Amy completed graduate school and followed her dream to finish an album of original music.

In the wake of the Me-Too movement, Amy swiftly learned she was unable to pursue civil charges against her brother, her family, and her church.

Exquisitely written with power and truth, Why Wilt a Wallflower? A Survivor Memoir, is a lasting story of grit and determination to continue fighting to change sexual abuse laws to serve survivors.

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