Author interview with Amy Sue Jackson of ‘Why Wilt a Wallflower? A Survivor Memoir’

Author Interview with Amy Sue Jackson

Amy Sue Jackson’s important account, Why Wilt a Wallflower? A Survivor Memoir is a stirring memoir of one woman’s will to carry on and stand up for herself as a survivor of sexual abuse.

Amy reached out for help from her youth pastor, quickly being labelled a sinner. A few years later, Amy found the courage to file a police report against her attacker, her brother, facing family banishment.

On her own, Amy completed graduate school and followed her dream to finish an album of original music.

In the wake of the Me-Too movement, Amy swiftly learned she was unable to pursue civil charges against her brother, her family, and her church.

Why Wilt a Wallflower? A Survivor Memoir is a lasting story of grit and determination to continue fighting to change sexual abuse laws to serve survivors.

Are you looking for a powerful story to read this weekend? Join Amy Sue Jackson and I as we chat about her book, ‘Why Wilt a Wallflower? A Survivor Memoir’, a story of determination and grit that is worth your weekend’s reading time. Amy, why was it important for you to write this book?

It started years ago when I wanted to stand up for myself as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I finally put it together late summer through this past fall, because I want these issues taken seriously, so my daughter’s generation doesn’t suffer the way that people my age have in regards to sexual assault laws.

For our readers who aren’t aware, your book is a memoir drawn entirely from your early experiences of life, correct?

Yes, my book is how childhood sexual abuse impacted me throughout my life and continues to be an issue for me. The people are real, and I focused on how each person made me feel with his/her actions at the time when each event occurred.

Working through these events sounds like it would have been an incredibly complex and at times overwhelming task. Was it exhausting, or did you find it energising or perhaps cathartic at times to work through all of those memories?

Writing exhausts me.

What thoughts helped you power through the exhaustion?

I had my daughter in mind when I wrote because I want the world to be better for her and her friends as they journey through life.

What were the most important ideas that you wanted to include in this book to get to that better world?

I believe that there should be no statute of limitations in regards to criminal or civil charges brought against perpetrators of sexual assault. I think a large hole exists in the criminal justice system, where too many rape survivors fail to receive justice. A large piece of legislation that is rarely mentioned by survivors or advocates is civil litigation. If sexual abuse survivors have the financial resources of their abusers and obtain the counseling, medication, and other resources they should be afforded, the cycle of sexual abuse will have the opportunity to stop. There will be justice, there will be healing, and we will have a society that takes the impact of rape seriously, as we should. We will have hope that children will be raised in family’s and society’s that place the highest value on their safety.

That is a hugely powerful set of ideas, that would be amazing to see in the world. And it’s clear from the way that you’ve talked about them you’ve spent a considerable amount of time clarifying and refining your stance to make it as strong as possible. How do you feel your voice on this subject, and as an author has changed as you’ve done that refinement?

I think I am better at giving details that help a person understand my experiences.

What did you personally learn from sharing your story in such an understandable way?

That I went through a lot of trauma in my life and that at each step of the way, I have done the best that I could with what life experience I had at that time.

You know, I think that statement of doing the best that you could have done with your life experience at the time is another powerful message that really comes from your work and speaking to you. Have you considered writing more books to share other messages, like this one with readers?

I am working to promote this book right now; I plan to write a book chronicling my life and experiences later in life, in the future.

What steps have you taken towards building a brand or story around the book to help promote it?

I implemented a music album that was important to me in my twenties and was a dream of mine back then. I think my life story is powerful and I enjoy the arts, so I like to incorporate my love of music, writing, and other art forms in my work.

Well, I hope you spend as much time as possible delving into your love of art for both enjoyment, and as a powerful way to share your story. Amy, I wish you the best of luck with your promotions of Why Wilt a Wallflower? A Survivor Memoir, and I hope that by getting it out there and into the hands of readers, it helps you make the world a better place.

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