Okavango : Beware the Ultimate Cure

| October 30, 2013


Okavango : Beware the Ultimate Cure

From South Africa comes a proven vaccine for TB. The CDC is planning a major inoculation program in Houston, L.A. and New Jersey.

The wonder drug seems on the up and up, until Freelance writer Terry Johns and wildlife photographer Liza Rittenauer innocently photograph two men and their airplane in a remote section of the Okavango Swamps. The photo sets in motion a tilt-a-whirl of violence and intrigue. While Liza lingers in a life-threatening coma, Terry, Liza’s sister, Dawn, and the women’s father, Cy, discover a sinister connection between the men in Liza’s photograph, an underground lab in the Okavango, a leading pharmaceutical company in Johannesburg and a major HMO in Houston, Texas. And for Terry Johns, the truth becomes a nightmare.


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