Dog Training Made Simple: A Pro Trainer Shares Her Secrets (Really Simple Dog Training)

| October 30, 2013


Dog Training Made Simple: A Pro Trainer Shares Her Secrets (Really Simple Dog Training)

Learn the Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!


Do you want a well-behaved dog?
Does your dog jump all over your guests?
Does she ignore you when you call her?
Does she drag you down the street on a walk?
Does she beg during meals?
Does she steal food off your counters or tables?

If you follow these simple instructions, you can have a dog who:

* Walks nicely on a leash
* Comes when you call her
* Waits politely on her mat while you eat dinner
* Greets guests and strangers by sitting down in front of them
* Waits for permission to take a toy from your hand
* Walks past dead mice and deer droppings without trying to eat them
* Drops things out of her mouth on command
* Develops good habits for a lifetime
* and much more

Laid out by behavior, you can pick and choose what you want
to teach your dog. Each behavior is carefully broken down into
easy-to-teach steps, and explains how and when to move onto
harder and harder challenges with your dog. It’s fun for both
of you.

You really CAN teach an old dog (or young puppy) new tricks!


Here’s what clients and reviewers have said:

  • “Tilly is a changed dog. She is much calmer and happier.” – Tom H.
  • “I was feeling overwhelmed, and now I feel like I have the tools to make this a wonderful relationship.” – Kathi B.
  • “I have learned simple and effective techniques that are improving my puppy’s behavior.” – Kate D.
  • “This is a great book on training your dog to understand basic commands at increasingly difficult levels.” – Cara R.
  • “This is a wonderful book on using positive reinforcement in training your dog.” – Slim S.

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