Smoke and Mirrors – The Suspicious Deaths of the Bioweaponeers

| March 14, 2014


CONSPIRACY+Suspicious Deaths+Terrorists+Spies

Ever Wanted To Know The Truth?

A conspiracy thriller about a multi-national journalist Chloe Moreau who is drawn into a terrorist plot, while investigating the mysterious deaths of the bioweaponeers. It covers the globe with modern power blocks and old cold-war tensions all in play.

Not a tale of super-heroes. The characters are believable, strong and weak, smart and mistaken.

??? Smoke and Mirrors – The Suspicious Deaths of the Bioweaponeers

Being mugged by a spook, if you’re a journalist, is a good sign your story is more about the sinister truth and less mad conspiracy. International journalist Chloe Moreau is drawn into the intelligence world where secret services collaborate as well as compete for information.

It isn’t only her investigation that is worrying the intelligence community, her husband has links with an Al Qaeda money-laundering project, and could be the terrorist they are looking for. Chloe needs information from MI5 and they need her help to bring down the terrorist plot.

Can Chloe get the proof she needs to publish her findings? And can MI5 prevent the imminent terrorist attack on England?

??? Want to know more:

“I really enjoyed this book! It was not a book to read before going to bed! I would start it when I finally had time at night to read and it would keep me up at night! It is sooo suspenseful and detailed that I couldn’t put it down. I would stay up until the wee hours and then feel sleepy all the next day! Needless to say, I stopped reading it at bedtime!”

“An interesting theme with complex plotting.”

“The difficulties of writing a torture scene ”” with the delicate balance between understatement and overstatement ”” should not be underestimated. However, Harris has risen to the challenge admirably.”

“The drama in the spine of the overall story does convey a wonderful milieu of menace and unease. There is plenty for the reader to do, and that is always a good indication of the writer’s engagement with the subject.”

“Difficult to know where the truth ends and the story begins – it’s so believable.”

If you’d like the suspense of Le Carre with the pace of Dan Brown then you should try this. Scroll up and download a copy today!

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